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Black Canyon Hills Inc

Contact: Don Sellers
Work PO Box 112 Estes Park CO 80517 USA Work Phone: 970-586-2173


Secondary Contact:Louise Olson, President

Amount of dues? $25

Dues billing cycle: Yearly

Are dues mandatory? Yes

When does your year run from? May – May

Is there a Transfer Fee? No

Is there a Reserve? No

Is there a Special Assessment? No

What do the dues include? Insurance and donations to the Fire Department

What is your pet policy? Owners shall be responsible for the immediate removal and proper disposal of any waste material created by pets of the owners and pets of their guests.

What is your short/long term rental policy? Dwelling rentals of 89 days or less shall not be permitted. Rentals for 90 days or more may be permitted subject to Board approval. Tenants shall be limited to a single family. The owner shall furnish a copy of this Agreement and Declaration to the tenant, and the tenant and Owner shall be responsible for compliance. However, the ultimate responsibility for the observance of these Protective Covenants remains with the Owner. Rental of a portion of the dwelling while the Owner remains in residence is prohibited. Bed and Breakfast rental or subleasing by a tenant shall not be permitted.