Association Executive Position Open

Association Executive Position Open: This position requires a person who is organized, good communication skills, motivated, enthusiastic, and friendly. Knowledge of Office Word, Excel is necessary. Real Estate experience is a plus.
The Association Executive Officer (AE) serves as chief executive officer, responsible to the Board of Directors for the effective implementation of board directives and decisions. The AE recommends and participates in formulating the association mission, goals, objectives and related policies.
Within that framework, the AE plans, organizes coordinates and controls board programs and activities.
The AE works closely with the president and elected leaders to ensure that the association’s goals are achieved. The AE also serves as staff Liaison between the committees and Board of Directors, while maintaining good working relationships with all other Boards, as well as CAR and NAR.

Please respond with a resume to or call with questions: 970-586-6628.

Voicemails and Emails – Check and respond daily
Member Meetings:
• Prepare annual calendar in September/October of the prior year.
• Schedule meeting space (1st & 3rd Thursdays of each month) in the year prior around October.
• Schedule Board meetings for the conference room – 4th Thursday of the month
• Coordinate with secretary regarding presentations and breakfast sponsors.
• Send out email to Affiliates for the 5 minute affiliate presentation the week prior to the meeting.
• Prepare and email meeting agenda to President by Tuesday prior to meeting.
• Email meeting details to all REALTOR and affiliate members by Tuesday prior to meeting (with tour schedule).
• Arrive at meeting by 7:15 am to start coffee, set up room. Bring projector if necessary, print out copies of the Tour, and a copy of the agenda for the president. After meeting re-set room for other meetings.
• Take notes at meeting.
• Prepare meeting summary, email in PDF format to all members.
• Purchase meeting supplies as needed.
• Email, schedule, organize & map property tours for the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month.
• Email the tour in PDF format to members along with meeting information on Tuesday.
• Summer – organize and schedule outlying tours to Allenspark, Drake, Glen Haven, Pinewood, and Big Elk Meadows.
• Schedule, organize and map property tours for Tour Only days in summer.
• Organize Poker tour if there is enough interest.

Board of Directors and Meetings:
• Offers recommendations and information to assist in the decision-making process and formulation of Board policies.
• Prepare and email agenda and prior months minutes on the Tuesday prior to the meeting to the President for additions and approval
• Prepare and email agenda, after approved by President, and prior month’s minutes and financial reports on the Tuesday prior to the meeting to the Board of Directors.
• Review financial statements and A/R aging.
• Prepare a meeting packet which includes the agenda, financials, website stats and any other pertinent information.
• Take minutes at the meetings.
• Email the minutes in PDF format to board members as soon as possible after the meeting.
• Email the minutes in PDF format to the Legal Department.
• Assemble new Board Books for the newly elected Board members.
Accounting and Financial:
• Gather necessary information from files for taxes and compilation.
• Meet with Accountant every Thursday after meetings.
• Prepare for meeting by sorting mail, reviewing incoming invoices, and recording checks in the check log.
• Track income and expense for all special events and fundraisers, balance with the accountant and write check for presentation to the fundraiser recipient.
• Provide dues billing information annually and quarterly to accountant.
• Coordinate affiliate dues, banner ads and sold report invoicing with the accountant.
• Make deposits, coordinate check signing and bill paying.
• Track and follow up on late payments.
Special Events:
• Bowl-A-Thon, Highway Cleanup, Concert, Installation Banquet, Parades
• Coordinate with the committee chair or the event volunteer coordinator regarding tracking number of participant RSVP’s, invoicing, payments and organization.
• Track sponsorship invoicing, and prepare donation receipts for raffle and door prizes.
• Have signs made for the Bowling and Concert.
• Coordinate with CDOT regarding the highway clean update for bag pickup. Make sure we have vests and bags.
• Make sure items necessary for everts are at event such as cash box, raffle tickets, signs, plaques, guest lists, etc.
• Attending events to help set up, tear down and assist.
Sold Reports:
• Monthly – prepare sold report with backup CMA information and email in PDF format to REALTOR members.
• Send the report and ‘Mysite’ information only to the affiliate members who have paid to receive the report.
• Reports should be prepared between the 5th and 10th of each month. All information is derived from IRES and input into an Excel spreadsheet.
• Annual – Prepare the report by January 31st after the year end. All information is derived from IRES and input into the annual report Excel spreadsheet.
• Prepare budget and identify costs and revenue sources
• Set up meeting for budget with Board members that are on committee and the accountant.
• Prepare rough draft of the budget and send out with last year’s budget to committee and accountant 3 weeks prior to meeting.
• New Members – take applications with application fee.
• Search license information on the DORA website.
• Set them up with provisional membership with all rights until the next board meeting, when the application is voted on for official membership.
• Their dues will be prorated based on the date they join, and will be invoiced if not paid with the application fee. Fill out the New Member Dues Sheet and forward to accountant.
• The applicant should be set up in Gmail, Association Roster, NAR database, website, and dues billing.
• Coordination of New Member Orientation and required ethics training with new members.
• Schedule New Member Orientation as needed quarterly.
• Update New Member Orientation packets as needed and assemble them.
• Track new members so they are within the required dates for completion of classes.
• Once they have completed classes invite to membership meeting to take pledge and receive their REALTOR pins.
• Office changes – Charge change fee. Record information on our roster and website, dues billing, spreadsheets, and in the NAR database (NRDS).
• Affiliate Members – Take applications with application fee for both affiliate membership and the EPRES Group
• Membership Record Maintenance – ongoing records maintenance includes roster, website, email, dues billing, Code of Ethics Training and NRDS database updates and changes.
REALTOR Store and Sentrilock:
• Maintain REALTOR® store, order and maintain inventory, and invoicing.
• Issue Sentrilock cards, lockboxes, send appropriate information to IRES.
• Coordinate with education committee chair regarding dates and instructors.
• Find class location.
• Take RSVP’s for classes.
• Attend class to collect any unpaid fees and to have participants sign in.
• Track Code of Ethics and update member records in NRDS.
Office Maintenance:
• Office cleaning, trash removal and recycling.
• Equipment maintenance.
• Purchase of necessary office supplies.
• Filing
• General administration of website – adding meetings, events, classes, membership maintenance, board of director updates and pictures, page maintenance.
• Ad space: placing or removing ads
NAR, CAR NE District and IRES:
• Participates in activities and programs offered by the Northeast District, State and National Association within the limits of the Board’s budget.
• CAR Meetings two times per year.
• National Association Executive Institute, with the approval of the Board of Directors
• Tracking and submitting necessary information for the Mandatory Core Standards and meeting the online filing deadline.
• Other Meetings as appropriate.
• Prepare Articles and announcements for publication in local papers.
• Submit necessary paperwork to NAR and CAR for dues, new officers, bylaws, etc.
• Promote conferences, tradeshow, classes and other association events.
• Maintain the Facebook page for the Board.

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